Master Sciences et Technologie des Engrais – ESAFE

Master Sciences et Technologie des Engrais - ESAFE

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The goal of this Master’s program in Fertilizer Science and Technology is to prepare graduates possessing broad knowledge of fertilizer and soil fertility to become specialists and experts working on the next generation of fertilizers and management of the fertilizer industry. The program is designed to provide the most comprehensive training possible in this field.
It is important to underline that Morocco does not train specialists in this field and even on the international level such type of training is becoming rarer. In the US, universities haven’t had any official fertilizer and soil fertility program since the 1980s. Currently, it is very difficult to find a university with more than one professor doing research in this field. Rightly as well, several specialists in the field of fertilizer science and technology at the global level will be gradually retiring within the next 5 years.
This program provides sustained training for students, senior managers and leaders in the fields of fertilizers and soil fertility, with a strong highlight on the environmental dimension.

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